When we last checked in with alt-pop artist Girl Wilde, she was premiering the party-centric video for single “Nervous Breakdown” with us in December. Even while touching on serious subjects, “Nervous Breakdown” and its video were a lot of fun. Wilde has an undeniable energy and buzz to her music that creates some seriously memorable tracks. That theme holds true with Wilde’s new single “Fake Louis,” released today.

What immediately stands out about “Fake Louis” is the guitar. While there are unmistakable pop sensibilities in the melody, the guitar is straight out of ’90s rock. The riffs are short and grungy, giving “Fake Louis” a bracing denseness that’s a pleasure to listen to. Combine that with Wilde’s blunt lyrics and piercing vocals, and you have a winning formula. Here we have Wilde putting her foot down and stating she’s going to start putting herself first and do whatever she wants to. It’s an empowering message delivered in an unmistakably great musical package.

You can listen to Girl Wilde’s` new single “Fake Louis” below.