VanDeRocker is an American indie rock project that is led by Adrienne VanDeRocker, who comes from a Dutch-American family full of classical musicians in Austin, Texas.

These classical influences shine through the projects entire catalogue given that VanDeRocker is the writer for this project, as well as her proclivity toward circus and vaudeville.  While the project’s earlier music was experimenting with the blend of retro rock with electronica, subsequent releases have found her broadening the project’s sound. Since the debut album, there have been a variety of singles ranging from devotional music to roadhouse blues, trip hop, and even comedic opera music. 

Vanderocker recently released her second album, Point of Defiance, and we are excited to team up with her to premiere the new music video for “Driftwood.”

“‘Driftwood’ is a song about duality. The kind that is often kindled by love, loneliness, or when we separate ourselves from society for whatever reason- not feeling a sense of belonging, being misunderstood, whatever,” explains VanDeRocker. “‘Driftwood’ addresses the bigger questions that stem from all that- how can we find the beauty that makes it all worth something, and how can we still feel connected to the bigger story, the divine, when we are suffering?”

VanDeRocker continues, explaining the music video, “This video’s studio scenes were filmed in Los Angeles, and the desert was filmed, of course, in Joshua Tree- as Joshua Tree was where the song was written and largely tracked. That beautiful place naturally had to become a part of the scenery for the video- it’s heart and the home of the piece.”

If you like what you hear from “Driftwood,” you can keep up with VanDeRocker on Facebook, Spotify, and BandCamp.