Our lives are hectic. On any given day we have to go to work, spend time with our family and friends, go to school, do daily errands, and take care of ourselves. Plus there are always inconveniences or events that pop up we weren’t expecting. Not all of these things are bad in and of themselves, but when they’re wrapped up together it can get to be a lot. If you’re not satisfied with your life or have something going on emotionally, all of these events can begin to blur together and you start feeling empty. It’s a tough situation to go through, but North Carolina (by way of LA) based singer Eliza Spear understands what you’re feeling. Spear addresses her feelings about this occurrence on her thoughtful new single “There Has To Be More,” premiering right here.

As you can imagine from the subject matter, “There Has To Be More” is a slow, moving ballad to its core. The song begins with a combination of just Spear and a piano, but after the first chorus the track comes alive with a beautifully arranged string section that roars into existence. Spear has a fantastic voice, full of power and energy, but still delicately navigating the emotional complexity of the track. While “There Has To Be More” is primarily told from the perspective of Spear actively going through these difficulties, there’s a hopeful note throughout that gives the song a tenderness and optimism that feels very special.

“There Has To Be More” comes from a very real experience. Spear explains “”I thought it was so ironic that I felt so alone in one of the busiest cities in the world. I feel like I was always told that you could chase whatever dreamt when in LA, and that felt so wrong to me. I felt so trapped. And then I wrote the song, it just flowed out so seamlessly.”

Listen to Eliza Spear search for those answers on “There Has To Be More” below. You can follow Eliza Spear on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.