We all have to juggle our priorities every single day. Balancing what gets our primary attention amongst work, friends, basic needs, and relationships is always tricky. At the same time, when we constantly get put on the back burner by someone it can seriously hurt. A person that consistently doesn’t prioritize you might not be the best person to keep around. New York’s Caleb Hawley is tired of being neglected, and he’s channeled it into a captivating new single, “A Minute of Your Love.” We’re giving Hawley the attention he deserves and premiering the track right here this morning.

It’s clear that Hawley is feeling left out from the opening lines of “A Minute of Your Love.” There’s an urgency in his delivery that comes along with the insecurity of being left dangling by someone you care about. The rise and fall of his voice pairs perfectly with the intensity of a thrilling percussion section and a simple but effective guitar line. Hawley produces as well as writes, and you can hear the care that went into the track on some of the smaller moments. The slide that leads into the chorus is such a subtle touch, but combined with the rest of the music it further explores the feelings of isolation Hawley is singing about.

The track came to Hawley during some travel time. He says “‘A Minute of Your Love’ is a latin-infused pop song. It was written in Chiapas, Mexico and produced in NYC as part of the Ace Hotel artists in residency program. It tells the story of a lover’s plea for more time and commitment from the other half of a relationship.”

Take a few minutes out of your day and listen to “A Minute of Your Love” below.