Strange Talk have returned. The Australian duo–made up of Gerard Sidhu and Stephen Docker–released their album Cast Away in 2014, but largely fell silent besides a few singles in the years since then. As 2018 draws to a close, Sidhu and Docker have reemerged with a new single that shows their growth and plays to their strengths. The single is called “Cosmic Synchronicity,” and Strange Talk released it this morning.

As the title might imply, “Cosmic Synchronicity” contains some other-worldly sounds. The synthesizers used by Strange Talk harken back to the early ’70s and ’80s electronic tracks while their technique contains the sensibilities of modern pop. It’s an intriguing mix, giving “Cosmic Synchronicity” a timeless feel. The duo have the perfect complementary voices, with their harmonies playing wonderfully across the electronic space they have created. Above all, the track is just a joy to listen to, an extension of the joy that clearly went into creating it.

You can listen to Strange Talk’s new single “Cosmic Synchronicity” below.