Billie Eilish

Metro // Chicago, IL // October 28, 2018

Billie Eilish proves you can rule the world at 16.

The Metro isn’t a huge venue to begin with, but when it’s sold out, it’s practically impossible to get to the front of the stage. Some of the biggest bands in the world have played the iconic room, including Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire, and Foo Fighters. When it was announced that rising pop star Billie Eilish would be playing the Metro as part of her 1 by 1 Tour, tickets sold out incredibly fast. Since October of 2017, Eilish has played three headlining shows in Chicago, each time selling out a bigger venue and ramping up production. So, it came as no surprise to see a massive mechanical spider gracing the Metro stage before Billie’s set. Hundreds of teenagers huddled in front of the barricade, prompting the staff and opening artists to tell everyone to take a few steps back. No one fainted, but the body heat coming off of the crowd rivaled Eilish’s hot summer set at Lollapalooza back in August.

Eilish started off her set with “My Boy”, a cautionary tale of love that paints a picture of a love that is dishonest and manipulative. It might sound weird to hear a 16-year old sing a jaded anti-love song, but Eilish always sounds wise beyond her years. As the throngs of teenage fans reached out in the hopes of holding hands with Eilish, the soon to be 17-year old singer played her now famous ukulele cover of “Hotline Bling”. She brings a touch of melancholy to every one of her songs; not even Drake is immune to her goth charm.

Billie Eilish is the American equivalent of Lorde, penning verses about heartbreak and self-doubt while staying true to her roots as a teenage girl. Her vocal range is impressive, but hearing her live brings a level of intensity that you just can’t hear from a recording. Her Chicago show was emotional, fresh, and worthy of its sold-out status. I can only assume she’ll be at an even bigger venue when she comes back.

Billie Eilish