Trapdoor Social is a Los Angeles based independent rock band with a mission. The band has origins in a college environmental studies programming, laying the framework for their fundraising and activism in promoting sustainability.

Trapdoor Social formed in 2015, and while the usual trajectory for a college band is to perform college, club, and radio shows, the band took a different route. Instead,, they elected to produce outdoor, solar-powered concerts and events around the U.S., including the annual Sunstock Solar Festival, which is a 100% solar-powered arts and music festival founded by the band. Their other projects combining music with activism have benefitted Homeboy IndustriesMesa Ridge High School, and Kids Cancer Connection.

2017 saw Trapdoor Social reconstruct themselves into a 5-piece band from a duo, ultimately releasing their eponymous debut album, serving notice with their anthemic, raucous environmental and social critique. While their recorded music was bass-driven and blues-rock inspired, their live set allowed them to transform into an impassioned call to action. Not only that, but the band spent the first half of 2017 in their solar trailer, putting on clean energy, solar-powered concerts at universities and outdoor venues across the country.

Never a band to look on the past and sit comfortably with what they have done, Trapdoor Social is currently in the studio doing some writing and recording for their second full-length album, which is due out in 2019. The band, in fact, recently released a new single called “Hold Me Down” earlier this month, and today we are excited to be premiering the music video for the single that shows a surf-rock/inde-pop sound for the five-piece.

“The song itself is about how we know there are big, serious problems in the world we need to deal with…but how it’s all forgotten when matters of the heart come into play,” explains the band. “Like, in verse two: ‘Oh no/the world is going under/and we sit here twiddling our thumbs/our love is the least of our problems/but you say one word and I jump!’l”

You can keep up with Trapdoor Social on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.