The immediate aftermath of a relationship ending is a tough time. There are a ton of strong feelings still bouncing around, and it can be tough to move past it. This can be true for any sort of relationship, but these feelings can be especially strong in a romantic relationship. Swedish artist Bellhouse (Emma-Lee Andersson) knows there’s a powerful emotional storm brewing in that situation, and she’s channeled it into her new single “Like You Loved Us.” We’re excited to premiere “Like You Loved Us” right here this afternoon.

Bellhouse wastes no time getting to the point on “Like You Loved Us.” The song is addressed to her former love, and she makes it clear there are still feelings there. The verses are more self-reflective about these feelings, and are scored largely by guitars mixed with a bit of pop production. The chorus turns the question on the subject of the song, as Bellhouse directly asks if they’re as happy in their new relationship as they were when they were with Bellhouse. The emotionally charged content of the chorus also elevates the production, with a full sound rounded out by a ton of percussion, strings, and Bellhouse’s powerful vocals.

That intensity was in the forefront of Bellhouse’s mind while writing “Like You Loved Us.” She describes the track by saying ““it’s a song about those pure, desperate emotions, when two people are trying to convince themselves that they are over but their hearts just wants to go back to the way they were.”

You can check out the stream for Bellhouse’s new single “Like You Loved Us” down below.

Like You Loved Us coverimage