The best songs contain multitudes. I want a song I can listen to over and over again, but not just because it’s catchy. Digging deep into a track and discovering something new each listen is an amazing feeling. Whether it’s a small instrumental part or a different meaning in the lyrics, the best songs keep you coming back for more time and time again. Washington DC band Color Palette are in the habit of releasing great songs, but they might have outdone themselves today. Color Palette released new single “Chelsea,” and we’re proud to premiere this wondrous song.

Clocking in at five and a half minutes, “Chelsea” is an epic track. From the beginning there’s a gripping keys part played by Rogerio Naressi, and the guitar and bass give the majesty of the keys a darker shade to work with. Jay Nemeyer and Maryjo Mattea’s vocals compliment each other perfectly, especially on the echoing, ever-expanding chorus. As each minute of “Chelsea” rolls by, more and more gets added in, but none of the additions ever feel unnecessary. Instead, “Chelsea” transforms into a tale of epic proportions, a truly stunning piece of music that will linger with listeners for days.

Nemeyer gave a brief synopsis of the track, saying “‘Chelsea’ is a dark, brooding song about love, loss, and partying until the sun comes up.”

You can listen to Color Palette’s new track “Chelsea” below.