Boys of Fall released their latest album, Better Moments, this past Friday, October 26th via InVogue Records.

One of the more interesting things about the album itself is how Boys of Fall practice, wrote, and even recorded in a funeral home. The funeral home is owned by vocalist Mike Martenson’s family, which provides an easy connection to get into one.

With Halloween approaching rapidly, we wanted to hear from the band themselves on how their process works with recording in a funeral home. So, without further adieu, we have an explanation from Martenson himself on what it’s like for Boys of Fall to practice, write, and record in a funeral home:

“It’s crazy to think about. I literally have never heard of another band or group that’s used a space like that as a place to practice, write, and record. Obviously, the only time in which practice would work would be at night, and since it was huge and wasn’t going to bother anyone, it was the perfect place for us that was right in the middle of where we all lived. You’d forget you were there until you needed a break, in which a chapel in the dark right next to you on your way to the bathroom made you move a little quicker. Although we never saw ghosts or were haunted, weird noises and occurrences like lights going out and bangs happened many times over the years we’ve spent there. It’s a place that allowed us as much time as we needed to rehearse and make sure we played the songs how we knew we could. For me, the funeral home is a family business and I’ve been a part of it my entire life. When the spot was offered for use, I jumped at the opportunity because it couldn’t have been more perfect for a band who needs to be loud. Where we are, no one can hear you. That fit with our work schedules. Trying to explain that to a bunch of musicians who were coming in for the first time, that was a different story. Always needing to make sure lights were pointed out, directing people to bathrooms, reassuring during a loud bang that it’s not a ghost and probably has a logical explanation, it was hilarious to say the least.

Everyone would get comfortable and then there would be a realization that set in that we were beneath a funeral home. For a while I recorded other bands out of there and most metal bands were stoked. Everyone was else gave a “really?” reaction. I guess I can’t blame them. It’s not a normal place by any means and really isn’t a place anyone enters outside of absolutely needing to. But although it it can definitely be a creepy feeling Late at night, it’s served us so well and were very thankful to my family for allowing us to use it and happy to know It’s going to remain our band home for the foreseeable future. Still hoping to see a ghost though.”

Better Moments by Boys of Fall is out now, and you can pick up your copy here. Additionally, the band is currently on the InVogue Records tour with In Her Own Words, and Ky Rodgers.

InVogue Records w/ In Her Own Records, Ky Rodgers

October 29th – Richmond, Virginia – Canal Club

October 30th – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Creep Records

October 31st – Brooklyn, New York – Gold Sounds

November 1st – Long Island, New York – Revolution Bar

November 2nd – Flemington, New Jersey – All Star Music Empire

November 3rd – Scranton, Pennsylvania – Irish Wolf Pub

November 4th – Fayetteville, North Carolina – Drunken Horse Pub

November 5th – Nashville, Tennessee – The Back Corner

November 6th – Orlando, Florida – Wills Pub

November 8th – New Orleans, Louisiana – Southport Hall

November 9h – Denton, Texas – Andy’s Bar

November 10th – Austin, Texas – Dirt Dog Bar

November 11th – Odessa, Texas – The Club

November 12th – El Paso, Texas – Rockin’ Cigar Bar & Grill

November 13th – Denver, Colorado – Globe Hall

November 15th – Flagstaff, Arizona – Firecreek Coffee

November 16th – Grover Beach, California – Mongos Salloon

November 17th – Tulare, California – Barmageddon

November 18th – Fresno, California – Full Circle Brewery

November 19th – Anaheim, California – Chain Reaction

Novembre 20th – Mesa, Arizona – Rebel Lounge