Sometimes opportunities don’t work out. Whether it be a job opportunity passing you by, a missed chance to participate in something fun, or a friendship or romantic relationship going up in flames, not every situation ends in a win. When that happens, there are many ways to handle it. Feeling down on yourself is definitely one of those options. On the other hand, it can be much more satisfying to stand in proud defiance and celebrate how great you are and how much you have to look forward to. Asbury Park’s Well Wisher-led by singer Natalie Newbold-have chosen the later path. The group stands tall and proud on new single “Believe,” which is premiering here on Substream this afternoon.

Any defiant anthem needs a satisfying riff, and “Believe” has one of the most satisfying riffs you’ve heard this year. Newbold’s verses float along melodically, punctuated by a perfectly dense and punchy chorus that hits the listener straight in the chest. Part of music is being able to feel the music throughout your whole body, and “Believe” reverberates from your head to your toes. Newbold’s lyrics and the Well Wisher’s cohesive sound let the listener know they’re not messing around, and it’s hard not to get pumped up yourself listening to “Believe.” If you need an adrenaline shot in your music listening, “Believe” is the song to deliver it for you.

Asked about the meaning behind “Believe,” Newbold said “‘Believe’ is about realizing that friends who don’t champion you are not worth your time. I’ve wasted way too much of myself on people who do not want what’s best for you. It’s so important to surround yourself with friends who want to support you.”

You can listen to “Believe” below. The single is taken from Well Wisher’s upcoming record This Is Fine, which will be released on September 28 through 6131 Records. Pre-orders are available now, and you can see the album’s artwork and a list of Well Wisher’s tour dates after the jump.

Well Wisher Tour Dates
09/20 Philadelphia, PA @ No Face Studios
09/29 State College, PA @ The Bakery
09/30 Lancaster, PA @ The Kaleidoscope
10/06 Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Park Brewery
10/11 Jersey City @ FM Bar
10/12 Harrisonburg, VA @ Crayola
10/13 Richmond, VA @ The Tomb
10/14 New Brunswick, NJ @ The Grand Exchange
11/11 Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Soundz

Well Wisher artwork