The performance music video has been a staple for years. There’s nothing wrong with just getting your band together and filming the song getting played. That’s the format that Real Estate have chosen for the new video for “Darling,” but it features a little bit of a surprise and fantastic production to boot.

The setup is simple: The guys of Real Estate set up in a blank white space. They’re wearing extremely stylish, matching denim suit jackets. This is it for awhile, until the camera pulls back and reveals our equestrian guest. Yes, the special guest is a horse. According to the video description, the horse’s name is Moose. We adore Moose. You, too, should adore Moose. Watch Moose (and also the band, we guess) now:

“Darling” is both the lead single and opening track off Real Estate’s upcoming record, In Mind. The album is set for release on March 17 through Domino Records and can be pre-ordered now.