While wholly appreciated by enlightened followers, Richard Edwards is one of the most underrated songwriters of our generation. His vast catalog created in his time fronting the revolving cast of characters that made up Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s is truly something to behold. Now, having put the Margot name to rest, Edwards is veering off on his own and the debut result of his solo work is Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset, a 14-track effort due to release on March 31 through Joyful Noise.

Having taken some time off to face a bevy of life’s woes (a longtime marriage coming to an end and serious stomach surgery due to C. diff), Edwards is back and has channeled everything these experiences threw at him into a record sure to devastate. The album’s lead single, “Disappeared Planets,” is pretty solid evidence that Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset will be one of the most affecting releases of the year, if not for the sorrows that fueled its creation then for the writing prowess of Edwards and the way in which he delivers his stories.

“‘Disappeared Planets’ was written in the days following my separation from my wife,” explains Edwards. “I woke up on pain medication from an abdominal surgery in a cold sweat with a premonition and the song fell out real fast—within a few minutes, I reckon. It was a real draining thing to write and made me kinda sick to listen to for a long time. Not so much anymore.”

Listen to “Disappeared Planets” below and let us know if you need a shoulder to cry on.

Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset is available for pre-order now in various formats through Edwards’ website and Joyful Noise.

Below are the dates for Edwards’ first live performances in over three years:

2/16-18: Davenport, IA – GAS Feed & Seed Festival
4/1: New York, NY – Rough Trade