I love a big song. When I say “big,” I don’t mean a loud song. Any song can be loud if you turn up the volume. When I think of big songs, I think of dizzying range, both musically and emotionally. There should be moments of subdued lows, followed by huge, expansive highs. It’s the kind of song that speaks to your heart and resonates with you no matter what volume is chosen. It takes a special musician to create a big track like that. Swedish artist Helga Arvesten is one of those artists. Her new track “Next To You” is a huge, impressive experience, and we’re premiering it right here on Substream.

You can feel the power in “Next To You” from the very first piano chord. Pianist Mikael Nilzén plays the instrument with an emotional ferocity that the listener immediately picks up on. When Arvesten starts singing, that intensity only grows. Arvesten extends notes to a truly incredible degree, expertly shifts up and down scales, and clearly pours her all into “Next To You.” The added cascading synths and crashing of drums round out a track that towers splendidly in its sound and emotion.

Arvesten explained the origin and inspiration behind “Next To You” to us, saying “This song embodies so many parts of who I am. When I wrote it I was troubled, when I was done with it things seemed clearer, that is what music is for me. I really struggled with my confidence when I was in my teens and as a young adult. This lack of self worth often led to destructive behaviour and the music I wrote often reflected that. This song is special for me since it shows my growth. In it I am not questioning myself but questioning my surroundings. The track is one of my favourites since it also takes inspiration from my idol, David Bowie. The piano arrangement, which was played by Mikael Nilzén, is built on the same concept and sound that was created by Mike Garson in the Aladdin Sane album. ‘Next To You’ is about being caught between anger and hope, trying to decide if the good is so good that it is worth the fight against the bad, ‘I’m nobodies fool, still want to wake up next to you.’”

You can listen to “Next To You” below. The track is taken from Helga Arvesten’s upcoming EP I’m Here.