Where in the world has Avril Lavigne been?

Though she featured on the song “Wings Clipped” by Grey with Anthony Green last year, she hasn’t released music of her own since 2015, when she shared “Fly” as a charity single to support the Special Olympics – and it’s been nearly five years since the release of her fifth studio album, Avril Lavigne.

But now, the Canadian singer-songwriter is back with “Head Above Water.” “Head Above Water” is the lead single from Avril’s upcoming sixth studio album, and – according to a note on her website – was the first song she sang after a two year break due to her December 2014 diagnosis of Lyme Disease.

Avril says, “I fought Lyme Disease on antibiotics and herbs for two years. I tried to have a life, but was in bed the majority of the time, and it was very up and down with good days and bad days. When you’re in bed for the better part of two years, you lose muscle mass… and your entire body gets weak. I’ve had to work to get my endurance up. ‘Head Above Water’ was the first song that I sang. I was fresh off not singing for two years. I thought my voice would be weak, it ended up being stronger than ever. The break happened to actually be good for my vocal cords.”

“Head Above Water” is a powerful reminder to anyone going through a hard time that they can keep their head above the waves, and they don’t have to drown. It’s a change in tone from upbeat tracks like “Here’s To Never Growing Up”, or her signature hits “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated”, but we’re certainly here for it.

For more information on the prevention, treatment, and research on Lyme Disease (as well as other diseases and disabilities), visit www.TheAvrilLavigneFoundation.org.