New York born singer-songwriter Annika Bennett dropped out of NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at eighteen years old, and ultimately moved to Nashville upon signing an artist development deal with Sony Records. She spent two years doing co-writes booked by the label before realizing that her best songs came from a place of solitude, which prompted her to terminate the deal with Sony and become an independent artist.

Today, we are premiering Bennett’s first single since leaving Sony Records called “Boy Who Has Everything.” It’s a heart-breaking piano-lead ballad diving headfirst into unflattering and complicated emotions as she sings, “We’ve both got friends, but I’m no good at keeping mine / He’s got his people when he needs to talk / And we’ve both got dreams, but I’m no good at reaching mine / So part of me dreams about keeping him small.” This self analysis and inner turmoil persists throughout the song, which is at a consistent tone and pace throughout, creating a chilling atmosphere.

“I Wrote ‘Boy Who Has Everything’ after a conversation with a friend where we bonded over feeling like the more troubled person in our respective relationships. I wanted to explore the feeling of being in love with someone who is a source of light and uplift in your life, and consequentially, feeling like you might be having the inverse effect n their life,” Bennett explains.

“Boy Who Has Everything” is the first of what is expected to be a series of monthly singles from Bennett. These will be songs that she recorded and co-produced with friends this past summer during the after hours at Studio G in Brooklyn. These songs, if anything like “Boy Who Has Everything,” will be more than worth the monthly wait and anticipation.

If you like what you hear from the single today, you can keep up with Bennett on Instagram and Facebook, and keep your eye out for some solo tour dates in and around New York City and Nashville.