It’s Wednesday afternoon, exactly halfway through the week. Are you lagging a little but? Is that coffee not doing it for you? Now is exactly the time in the week where I put on my most energetic playlists and spend some time jumping around to prepare for finishing the week strong. I am always looking for new tracks that combine good energy and good vibes to add to that playlist. Bliss Nova‘s single “Now” from the end of last year has already captured my heart. Today, the Ohio duo–consisting of brothers Daniel and Joel Trzcinski–have teamed up with Swedish artist Summer Heart (David Alexander) to create an incredible remix of “Now,” which we’re happy to premiere this afternoon!

True to Summer Heart’s name, the remix of “Now” adds some simmering summer flair to the track. Daniel and Joel’s excellent musical work and vocals from the original version still serve as the base of the track, but Summer Heart has added even more. The “Now” remix feels cavernous, with synth-y pops and musical explosions stretching and echoing throughout the track. The new sounds give the vocals an incredibly effective sheen, like if the shimmering heat waves you see on a summer day had a sound to go with them. Whether you want to get pumped up or sit back and let the music wash over you, this remix of “Now” is the song for you.

Asked about the remix, Joel Trzcinski said “A few months ago I found myself obsessing over Summer Heart’s latest album, 101. I couldn’t get enough of his fresh, breezy sound, so I was thrilled to see David was releasing a new single nearly every month. I realized he’d be perfect to remix “Now,” one of our recent singles, and his take on our song is everything I’d hoped for — slick production, great sounds and a beat that is just on point, all while complementing and maintaining the essence of the original.”

You can listen to Bliss Nova and Summer Heart’s take on “Now” below. Summer might be winding down, but it will last forever as soon as you hit play.