Chances are you’ve heard Lincoln Parish make music. For years Parish served as Cage The Elephant’s main guitarist, and he served in that capacity well. It should come as no surprise that Parish has considerable producing talents as well, which is the area he has devoted himself to now. Using the name Parish f/t, the musician has announced his new project with his very first single “What I Need.” The new single features American Idol’s Paul McDonald on vocals, and serves as a showcase for what will surely be a bright production career.

“What I Need” is captivating from the very beginning, with sliding synths and a watery effect immediately crashing into the listener. McDonald’s voice is tinged with just a hint of electronic influence, which gives his already great voice a new facet that works fantastically alongside the instrumental. As the track continues, Parish f/t adds in short staccato bursts of punchier synths to give the track weight. Parish f/t also displays a remarkable sense for balancing the energy level of the song, as “What I Need” dips and rises in a way that’s not jarring, but instead lets the listener naturally experience the highs and lows of excitement the track produces.

While we’re already into August, Parish f/t and Paul McDonald have themselves a late entry into the field for Song of the Summer. You can listen to “What I Need” below, and get excited for what Parish f/t will have for us next.