Have you ever been riding high feeling like the ruler of the world, and then life just goes and happens? That’s what happened to me last week, and that’s why there was no Take 5. It’s all good though, because now here I am and here you are, and we’re all back on the music train. While the Take 5 column does occasionally miss weeks, I do want to draw your attention again to the Take 5 playlist on Spotify. Even during weeks where I don’t write a column, I still try to add a few songs onto the playlist for all of you. If you subscribe to the playlist, you’ll never have to miss me or the songs ever again. Everybody wins! Let’s get into this week’s selections.

Wet – You’re Not Wrong

Wet have been releasing great track after great track over the last few months. With a new album out next month, Kelly Zutrau and Joe Valle have clearly been putting the work in, and I’m thrilled to hear Still Run once it’s out. “You’re Not Wrong” is just the latest in this strong run for Wet, and it’s a great time. In fact, “You’re Not Wrong” might be the most upbeat, happy song Wet have ever released. The piano strolls along merrily with a warmth that’ll instantly put a smile on the listener’s face. Zutrau’s lyrics about embracing some positivity are a refreshing listen, and her delivery on the swinging hook is perfect. This might not be the Wet you’re accustomed to listening to, but “You’re Not Wrong” is still a wonderful release from a band showing their versatility.

Post Season – Tell Tale

You deserve to be surrounded by great friends and positive people in your life. When someone takes advantage of your friendship for their own gain, it can be a major bummer. That’s exactly what Post Season’s “Tell Tale” is about, and it’s a brilliant examination of said event. There’s a little bit of every emotion coursing through the track, with the disappointment and anger at the offending party palpable throughout while the music barrels along through dense, satisfying chords and melodies. At the same time, Post Season do not dwell too much on the negative feelings and make sure to include an undercurrent of hope for moving forward and healing from the wounds. You should have the best friends around you, and with “Tell Tale” you can have the best music, too.

St. Lucia – A Brighter Love

To be clear right from the start, you should listen to both new songs St. Lucia put out this week. Both “A Brighter Love” and “Paradise Is Waiting” are brilliant and showcase Jean-Philip Grobler’s creativity and talent. I thought long and hard about which one to include here, and ultimately “A Brighter Love” won out. There’s a clean simplicity in all of its electronic flair, with Grobler and Patti Beranek combining for stirring harmonies on the chorus. Nick Paul’s work on the synths gives “A Brighter Love” its heart and energy when fused with Grobler’s writing, which is as brilliant as always. St. Lucia have two new hits on their hands, and “A Brighter Love” contains all the elements to explain why.

FTRZ – Models

The positivity continues this week with “Models,” the latest single from musical duo FTRZ. Chet Hanks (you may have heard of his dad, Tom Hanks) and Drew Arthur are a dynamic musical force, and “Models” showcases that to full effect. The two are both fully open and frank discussing their past struggles with addiction here, with the added perspective that sobriety and more life experience have given them. “Models” deals with serious subjects, but the instrumental remains light and breezy throughout, and if you watch the video you can see the grins on Hanks and Arthur’s faces throughout. Both men deliver their verses with moving earnestness and a remarkable flow. The ability to look back on your life while keeping an optimistic eye to the future is key, and “Models” embodies that feeling.

Florence + The Machine – Big God

This week we get Florence + The Machine‘s new album High As Hope, and I am ridiculously excited. Songs like “Big God” are a major reason why I’m so excited. I love the Florence Welch on display here, with a big, deliberate, booming sound. Welch’s songwriting and storytelling abilities make her feel larger than life as it is, and the echoing piano on “Big Gods” givers her a platform to loom larger than ever. Welch shows off both ends of her vocal range, with almost guttural low notes and her trademark feathery upper register. Once Friday gets here, “Big God” and High As Hope are all I’m listening to.


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