Mammoth Indigo is the kind of rock band that isn’t afraid to get uncomfortably transparent with the music they bring to the table. The last five years have seen this band continue to grow and evolve into one of most interesting bands to explode from the genre. A lot of that has to do with the fact that each go-round for this band has resulted in some of the most emotionally poignant and stylistically varied indie-rock. Influence from every nook and cranny of the genre they take the most influence from has bled into their output; 2013’s Mammoth Indigo came from a band with a lot of promise, and the upcoming release of their new album Wilt sees a band capitalizing on all of that untapped potential.

Their new album Wilt is due for release on April 13th and features some of the most powerful songs of the band’s career to date. The songs on Wilt come from a band that now finds strength in feelings of unease; quivering vocals soar erupt into a voracious and unrelenting emotional assault. Songs like “Undertow” and “Whiskey King” are buoyant and unwavering. The former starts out with a buoyant and experimental riff before exploding and becoming one of the most driving and cathartic songs on the record, while the latter is a shimmering indie-pop masterpiece.

When asked about the record, Cody of Mammoth Indigo said: “So, I literally was admiring some wilted flowers next to a window in my kitchen one day – which is an unusual thing for me to do – when everything I had been writing about on this record all clicked and I had an “aha” moment. I realized how much I had in common with a flower. I thought, there is probably a majority of people like me who’ve wondered if they’re sitting on one side of the glass safely becoming this wilted flower, or if they’re the wild blooming flower struggling on the other side of the pane. That first track, ‘Flowers In The Basement’ really makes that theme its catalyst, it’s like the heartbeat that jump-starts the record.

The song ‘Coral’ closes ‘Wilt’ and it’s a track about my wife giving birth to our first daughter via c section. I thought about it later, that my wife will have a small scar from the birthing process… she’ll carry a mark that reminds us from pain comes beauty. She’s one of these ‘people flowers’ that wilts and also blooms. I think she’s so beautiful. This album is a tragic happy story. I’m moving to California in a month to keep it going. Got some demos for the next one.”

You can stream Wilt in full below.

Wilt is out April 13th and can be pre-ordered here.