I didn’t officially review Flatbush Zombies‘ sophomore album Vacation In Hell for the site, but rest assured it is excellent and I love it. The album is 19 full tracks that never let up, and I’ve enjoyed listening to each one. From the sound and the looks of it, Flatbush Zombies thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well. This is evident in the new music video for third single “Vacation” with Joey Bada$$. The trio have some thoughts about the video, too.

The song is called “Vacation,” so the video obviously follows Erick Arc Elliott, Meechy Darko, and Zombie Juice as they vacation in a tropical location with a yacht. This style of video is not super unusual (Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin‘” being the most notorious example), there’s an extra wrinkle to the “Vacation” video. As the Zombies and Joey rap and generally have a good time, the trio provide running commentary in the form of closed captioning at the bottom of the video. This ranges from pointing out how catchy the hook is, whether they can reuse shots of the women covered in glitter from their album cover, and other random insights and jokes. I think my favorite piece of commentary is the two-parter of “TELEVISION IS POISON” followed by “LIQUOR TOO BUT IT TASTES GOOD.”

You can watch the video for “Vacation” with Joey Bada$$ above. Vacation In Hell is out now, and you can grab it on Flatbush Zombies’ website.