Where have your favorite headphones been, and what have they done for you? Maybe they’ve kept you occupied on a long flight; maybe they’ve motivated you at the gym; maybe they’ve offered comfort and quiet when it felt like the world was being too loud. Wherever you’ve been and whatever you’ve gone through in your life, chances are your favorite music- and your favorite pair of headphones- has been there with you, and if you’re anything like most of us here at Substream, your headphones have been through a hell of a lot. On their newest song “Headphones”, Walk The Moon decide that “You can learn a lot from a good pair of headphones / Like how to take a beating- I know I did.”

“Headphones” wastes no time: from pure static, it’s right in to frontman Nicholas Petricca’s declaration that “I can take a beating like a good pair of headphones.” The track is frantic and vibrant rock and roll, with less of the new-wave influences prevalent on the band’s 2014 album Talking Is Hard; it all cascades to a guitar solo towards the end that serves as a release of pent-up energy.

Following years of constant touring, Walk The Moon took some time off before coming together in Austin, Texas last fall to begin work on their new album. “Headphones” was the first song they wrote when they regrouped and Petricca recently told Rolling Stone that “it just came out of us, this angry-boy energy.” The song can be heard below.

“Headphones” follows “One Foot” as the second single to be released from Walk The Moon’s forthcoming album What If Nothing. The album will release on November 10 via RCA Records; pre-orders along with dates and tickets for all shows on the band’s Press Restart Tour can be seen on Walk The Moon’s website here.