East Coast punk rockers ButchQueen & the Bad Habits—comprised of members Fredi X (vocals), Skeebo (bass), Hell Nada (lead guitar), Nolan Nada (vocals, guitar), and Vicious D. Licious (drums)—tell it like it is, plain and simple. You’ll find that to be true rather quickly while listening to their upcoming EP release, Bare Grits, a five-track middle finger to the status quo that also offers some unexpected twists. The band will release the Kenny Evans-produced effort independently on May 5.

For a taste of what to expect from the five-piece’s Bare Grits, you can see the music video for the vicious opener and title track below. Coming in at just under a minute and a half, “Bare Grits” is succinct and true to its roots: It’s fast, angry, and full of circle pit-inducing attitude.

If you’d like to purchase the track, you can do so via Bandcamp for just a buck. You can also keep an eye on the band’s Facebook for more information regarding the release and future news surrounding live performances and more.