Remember that GoFundMe Vince Staples started on Wednesday? If you don’t, Staples promised to go away forever if fans/haters gave him a cool $2 million. At one point in the video that accompanied the GoFundMe, Staples explained that another option was for people to “get off [his] dick.” Turns out he was pretty serious about that, as he dropped a new single called “Get The Fuck Off My Dick.”

The message of “Get The Fuck Off My Dick” is pretty self-evident: Staples would like everyone to get the fuck off his dick. Over a swimmingly blissful instrumental complete with piano and drum kicks, Staples casually lays out his grievances. His targets include the Grammys, the press, anyone who wants him to change his sound, and fans who try taking pictures of him during his everyday life. The hook is impeccable, and Staples’ wordplay is still unparalleled in 2018.

You can listen to “Get The Fuck Off My Dick” below. You’ll notice the single artwork is a picture of a condom, completing the message of the single. Here’s to hoping Vince Staples sticks around and continues burning down anyone who gets in his way.