Lest we forget, Camila Cabello was responsible for kicking off the year of pop music in 2018. She did an outstanding job of doing so, as her debut solo album Camila is an excellent effort from Cabello. “Never Be the Same” is the perfect track to open the album, and served as one of the first singles. Months later, and “Never Be the Same” has received the music video treatment.

“Never Be the Same” is about infatuation and intimacy, and the video starts out with cozy home footage of Cabello in a hotel room. The video switches between this home footage and shots of Cabello singing across a variety of artistic backgrounds, from a glass container to a metal landscape. There’s no overarching story, but as “Never Be the Same” is Camila‘s premiere ballad, it’s a wise choice to focus on the artistry and Cabello’s considerable vocal talent.

You can watch the video for “Never Be the Same” above. Camila Cabello will be joining Taylor Swift as part of Swift’s Reputation tour, which you can find dates for on Swift’s website.