Pop music is a genre whose sound is kaleidoscopic; it’s always changing but is somehow still the same. The basic formula remains in-tact: each verse is followed up by an insanely catchy chorus that’s bound to bounce around you heard like a tennis ball in an empty room. It’s just the approach that’s different. We don’t need everything to feel sugarcoated and rosey; the public is okay with erratic and weird as long as they feel like they can relate to it and the hook is easy to remember. The success of bands like Twenty One Pilots and (the newly rebranded version of) The Chainsmokers is proof enough of this, but let’s look at one of Fueled By Ramen’s first attempts at capturing this lightning in a bottle kind of sound, Vinyl Theatre.

One of the first tracks to come out since departing from Fueled By Ramen, “Feel It All” shows us a Vinyl Theatre with a renewed hunger. There’s an adrenaline rush of a drumline at the heart of this track and vocals that carry us through a new adaptation of the Vinyl Theatre sound. It’s similar enough to the old stuff that it’s recognizable, but there’s an obvious Muse influence that bleeds through and makes the track feel anthemic and powerful. It’s the kind of shake you to your core, motivational kind of music that makes you feel like you could take on anyone and anything and come out on top.

When asked about the track, Vinyl Theatre said: “Feel it all is about a crossroad in your life where you are forced to decide between giving up all that you’ve built your life upon or fighting to keep It all alive even if just for another day. The human condition forces us all to endure these hardships and the human spirit shows itself most vibrantly when we choose to fight for the things we love and for their existence.”

You can stream “Feel It All” above. The track is out digitally on March 2nd. You can download the track/add it to your playlists here.