This past Friday, Kentucky post-hardcore act Softspoken released a deluxe edition of their debut EP, Pathways. The deluxe edition contains eleven tracks for just $5, and can be currently purchased here via their Bandcamp.

The deluxe edition contains a brand new track called “How We Rise,” and we are happy to be exclusively premiering the new music video for it today. You can find the theatrical video above at the top of this post.

When asked about the song Sam Scheuer said, “Growing up I always felt like I had a target on my back. I was always too short, or too nice, too this, or too that – but never good enough. I felt like I attracted bad luck or was attracted to bad decisions, even when they were made from a place of goodness,” Softspoken vocalist Sam Scheuer shares, “I spent a long time paranoid of how I was judged, and afraid of staying in the same loop of bad decisions or bad luck. But I eventually changed my perception and realized that I could use my ‘curse’ as fuel to rise to a higher place. The message of ‘How We Rise’ comes from that: Take what others say, think, or do to put you down and use it to pull yourself up. Find other people who support you, support them in turn, and that’s how we rise together.”

Softspoken is currently on their Pathways tour, and there are a handful of opportunities left for you to catch them at a show on this run. You can find their remaining dates below, and purchase tickets here.

Sunday March 11 – Spinelli’s Pizzeria Downtown – Louisville, Kentucky

Monday March 12 – Cafe Coco – Nashville, Tennessee

Tuesday March 13 – New York Pizza – Greensboro, North Carolina

Thursday March 15 – Green Door Music Hall – Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Friday March 16 – The Tavern – Hattiesburg, Missouri