In 2015, Wolverhampton’s Dearist released their stellar debut album This House Has No Windows and the earnest brand of indie-rock that made up the record won the fanfare of Jeremy Bolm of Touche Amore and Geoff Rickley of Thursday. In the three years since, the band has spent a lot of time on the road and working to take their already remarkable songwriting and push it to new limits by crafting even bigger hooks, writing from different perspectives, and creating a body of work that feels more fleshed out than anything they’ve released before. The band is finally gearing up to release the follow-up to Windows, an eleven-song sophomore album titled Sonder, on April 27th in partnership with Spartan Records.

You can hear all of that work come to fruition on the second single from the upcoming album — the biting and infectious “Fool’s Heart.” Dearist often talks about the fact that their small-town heritage forced them to look outside of just the radio for influence, and that’s evident almost immediately here. You can hear tinges of the grunge-inspired hardcore from acts like Basement and Superheaven sprinkled through the verses before being thrown into an other-worldly chorus that sinks its teeth into your brain long before its even finished.

“Fool’s Heart” is the kind of song that’s meant to rip you right out of your own self-pity and acknowledging that the world waits for no one; a message that resounds through a chorus that immediately reminds you that “the sun keeps turning/the daylights burning” and further driving the point home with “my fool’s heart’s fading/the world stops waiting/the ember’s in my eyes.” The hook is poignant enough that it makes you want to listen to more than just the insanely memorable vocal melody that lays the groundwork for these lyrics to be cemented into your head for the rest of eternity.

When asked about the track, the members of Dearist had a lot to say. Singer Adam Binder said: “Tucker brought the main skeleton of this song to the studio, loads of parts mapped out. When we had a rough recording of it there was something about the chorus that just wasn’t popping though so we spent the day on it and reworked it a few times and we came up with a pretty solid demo. We sent it over to Jimmy and he came up with that cool beat you hear in the intro. Lee jammed over it a while later.” And guitarist Chris Tucker said: “This song was a lot of fun to write. Our process in writing has always been to craft the song instrumentally first, melody and lyrics to follow. Instrumentally, I personally wanted to lay a foundation that exploits Adam’s knack for an infectious hook in the chorus but still retain the Dearist sound. When the lyrics and melody were added to this song, we all knew we had something special in Fool’s Heart.

Binder closes with: “At the time of coming to write lyrics for the song a family member of mine was pretty ill and it was on my mind a lot so the lyrics came out about that. The words “My fool’s heart’s fading” is about losing that innocence, that nothing bad can happen to you and your loved one and realizing it can happen at any moment.”

A stream of “Fool’s Heart” can be heard above. Sonder is out April 27th on Spartan Records and can be pre-ordered here.