Romantic relationships can bring us the greatest of joys, but when things turn sour, we can find ourselves in the deepest of pain. The worst pain is the hit to our self-worth: when we’ve been broken up with, we’re left to feel like we don’t matter and aren’t good enough. Sometimes this pain lasts long after the breakup ends, but in time we begin to heal and maybe one day, a new person will come in to our life and remind us of what we deserve. If you have ever found (or are waiting to find) a person to remind you of how great you are, then Nina Nesbitt’s video for “Something Special” is just what you need.

In a Facebook post about the video, Nesbitt said:

“‘Somebody Special’ music video is finally here!

I had the idea of putting a twist on the meaning of the song for the video. It’s the story of a girl who is in an emotionally abusive relationship, who doesn’t know her worth because the person she is with treats her like crap. Over time she meets a guy who she gets on the bus with every day who starts to remind her of what her potential is and she starts falling for him. I think the people you surround yourself with really affects the way you see yourself and I wanted to create a video to show this…

Hope you like it! Nina x”

Not familiar with Nina Nesbitt? She’s a Scottish singer-songwriter with a folk-meets-alt-pop sound, and she’s got a way of relating to pain and universal emotions in a way that’s clear she understands what you’re going through, but is also confident you’ll get through it. Nesbitt released an album, Peroxide (2014), and several EPs with Island Records before parting ways with the label in May 2016. She’s now signed to independent label Cooking Vinyl, and it seems life on the independent side is treating her well: in July 2017, she supported Justin Bieber at British Summer Time (concerts) in London’s Hyde Park, and her September 2017 single “The Best You Had” quickly became her most-streamed song on Spotify (it’s currently got over 17 million streams).

Nina Nesbitt is expected to release a new album this spring, though no date has been revealed yet. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, so follow Substream on Twitter so you don’t miss a headline. In the mean time, get familiar with all of her music with Spotify’s “This Is: Nina Nesbitt” playlist, below.