Rock and roll has always existed on a slab of very thin ice. The music is either too cheesy to be taken seriously, and thus, collapse into a pit of cold water, or, you’ve managed to walk that fine-line with finesse and come out a champion of the genre. Irvine, CA’s The Brevet are the poster-child for the latter– consistently pumping out the hugely anthemic and hard-hitting songs full of the kind of grit and drive that helped launch rock music into the zeitgeist in the 80’s and 90’s.

Today, I’m excited to share a new song called “Locked & Loaded” with y’all! It’s immediately clear that The Brevet intend to waste no time throwing listeners into the thick of things as “Locked & Loaded” is an adrenaline-packed barn-burner that doesn’t rest until the very end. This non-stop ride through the sounds of classic Americana infused rock and roll is one of the most immediately memorable and thrilling rides through the genre of the year, and it’s sure to have you strapped in to see whatever this band decides to throw at us next.

When asked about the track, vocalist Chase Damm said: “‘Locked & Loaded’ is a special song for us as a band. When writing for this new record there’s been a shift in how the songs are coming together. We’re writing in a way we want to write now…not trying to follow trends. This song makes that theme particularly clear in the lyrics. “Don’t you lose yourself” for us as a band is meant to mean, don’t lose sight of why you are doing this and staying true to our songwriting. We can’t wait to start sharing all of these new songs!

You can stream “Locked & Loaded” below.

The band kicks off a tour with Magic Giant this week. You can find more info on that here.