Los Angeles-based industrial duo Zeistencroix recently released a brand new EP, titled Gemini, which was produced by Tim Palmer (U2, Ozzy Osbourne, the Cure). Full of dramatics and atmosphere, not to mention ear worm synth lines, Gemini shifts between moody industrial rock and heavy, electronic-infused metal, all within its 20-minute runtime.

Gemini, as its name states, is a dual state, a combination of two sides of the same coin; life and death, black and white, good and evil,” explains frontman Orlando Draven. “In this album I’m showcasing two very opposite styles from the same band. It’s a combination of two entities living under the same organism and somehow coexisting without one surpassing the other but complementing the other.”

To experience the duality of Gemini, you can stream the five-track EP in its entirety below via Bandcamp, and also check out Zeistencroix’s video for opening track, “I Need You Tonight.”