Chicago’s Skylines fill a need in the music community for emo-influenced talent raised on Nirvana and other masters of grunge that is honest about the struggles of modern life. I’m not talking about tales of broken hearts, though those do exist in the band’s catalog, but the endless pursuit of passion in a time where everyone has a voice and no one wants to work in a traditional office setting. We have all been raised to believe we can turn our passion into a career, but as you grow up you realize that isn’t true. Only a select few make their dreams a reality, and in order to be one of the lucky ones you have to pour all that you are into your craft. That’s what Skylines have done at least, and their new EP is proof hard work pays off.

Featuring five tracks that tackle the journey to fulfill your own destiny and become the person you were meant to be all along, What’s Left Of Home is the perfect combination of all the things that make alternative music great. There is an undeniable edge to the music and lyricism, but never so much that the catchiness is lost. The balance of crunch and heart is impeccable, making for one of the most enjoyable EP listening experiences of the year. Check it out:

Speaking about What’s Left Of Home, Sanetra said:

“What’s Left of Home feels different, and sounds different from anything Skylines has come up with. I remember when I sat down with Phil and Steve to write, and I remember sitting down alone to write the lyrics. It felt surreal. It was the first time we got the master version of the songs back and I said, “there’s no way that’s us. There’s no way we actually sound like that.” And that’s the best part. It really IS us. We’ve climbed our mountain inch by inch and we finally made something out of it. Skylines really wanted to put out authentic, emotional, and energetic music this time around. My personal favorite track is “Disposition” and I’m dying for everyone to finally hear it.”

You can find What’s Left Of Home on Spotify and other streaming services starting tomorrow, December 15. Click here for streaming and purchase options.