One of the many beautiful things about pop music is the way that it’s able to perfectly capture moments and feelings in a way that other mediums fall just shy of. A certain note or tone is all it takes to immediately flood your brain with imagery and dopamine– it creates a rush that leaves you constantly searching for more. New Zeland’s newest export, Robinson, showcased just how powerful pop music can be when she released her incredibly infectious debut single, “Don’t You Forget About Me” just six months ago. Today, I’m excited to share the follow-up that track– a behemoth of entrancing pop melody called “Crave You.”

It’s hard to not get immediately lost in Robinson’s smoother than silk vocals and that hypnotic beat right away, but if you can, the experience becomes even more rewarding when you’re coming at it objectively. You appreciate the whole package– the way the song drips this sultry kind of soul as Robinson sings about approaching the tail end of a relationship makes for one of the best pop-songs of the year, and that’s sure to carry over into her 2018 as well. She’s sure to be on the rise, and this is a track you’re going to want to keep on your radar as we dive full-bore into the coming year.

When asked about the track, Robinson said: “’Crave You’ speaks of missing the routine, the company and connection with someone at the end of a relationship, more than the person themselves.

You can stream “Crave You” above.