Los Angeles rock duo NYDTyson (possibly also known as Neil Young deGrasse Tyson, but maybe not) have a new EP out with a long-ass title: If You’re So Smart, Why Are You So Sad? (Damn good question, though…)

On said EP, the guys get a little funky like Vulfpeck, a little goofy like Rozwell Kid, but all in all, they rock — even when they change gears a bit in the back half on “Who Cares?” and closer, “I Think We Both Know,” both of which mellow out and feel a bit more serious. If you’re in need of some solid, lo-fi garage rock that also has some heart, this one’s for you.

“We’ve been playing and listening to rock music ever since we met in college,” the band says, “and it seems to have fallen out of fashion. But we’re living in pretty unstable times, and playing in a rock band feels like an appropriate outlet to express and explore the rage and confusion a lot of us are feeling right now. Our mission statement as a band is to encourage people to think for themselves. Also, kill the phonies.”

Get back into rock music with NYDTyson’s new EP below. You can also view their MS Paint-looking video for opening track, “Egg.” Let us know what you think.