Vancouver rock three-piece Sleep Science—comprised of vocalist/guitarist Taylor Nichol, bassist Dan Lomonaco, and drummer Alex Moscrip—recently released a new single, titled “Sounds Of The Underground,” which has surfaced specifically to melt your face.

Likely to reel in fans of everything from Queens Of The Stone Age to Thrice, the trio’s newest track is a soaring rock offering with impressive guitar licks, a post-rock aura that builds, and a driving force that will have you banging your head along with each repeat listen.

“Our music has a sense of throwing people off, in a good way,” the band says, “because we really aren’t afraid to try new things — whether it’s a random, off-beat time signature, or even a beautiful melody that almost flirts with the pop genre, [on] top of the chaos of sounds we love to create.”

You can hear what they’re talking about with the lyric video to “Sounds Of The Underground” below. Let us know what you think, and keep an eye out on the band for more new material by following their Facebook and Twitter.