Due to it’s ever-shifting and growing nature, pop music intersects with other genres all the time. There’s no one distinct sound that adorns a track with that tag; it’s high flying melodies and hooks that beat you down until you surrender to the gods of sing-a-long, and LOYALS just gets it. The band recently signed with Tooth & Nail Records to being work on their debut album. They’ve teased a little of what we can expect with a video for a short song called “Face” that showcases the undeniable talent that this band possesses, but coming in at only 46 seconds, listeners are bound to be hungry for more.

Today, we’re sharing the music video for their incredible debut single “Alright.” The video is simple– switching between bokeh scenery from the windshield of a car and the band traveling through hauntingly baron city streets, but feels at home in the warm and contrasty choice of color. This compliments the vocal prowess of Dane Allen, whose soulful and sultry vocals have a knack for perfect pitch and insane melody. The cold, dance-influenced brand of alternative-pop that provides the backbone of the track certainly doesn’t hurt anything either. It’s a nice contrast to the warmth of his vocal tone, and, makes you appreciate every note that you hear just a little bit more.

When asked about the track, LOYALS vocalist, Dane Allen said: “I’ve found that for the majority of my life, people have struggled to place me in a specific category. While I operate inside many paradigms and see value in all of them, I find it liberating to live and create without worrying about fitting into the environment around me. ‘Alright’ represents a time where I had to cut out some toxic relationships and narrow opinions that were keeping me from embracing my misfit ways.

“Alright” is available on all streaming platforms now. Add it your library here. The music video can be seen above.