Belle Noire was born of the kind of post-hardcore that features smooth and soulful vocals which careen around the carefully constructed catharsis of the music. Notable comparisons include early Dance Gavin Dance or Peirce The Veil, only Bellie Noire has opted to trade in the throaty and guttural growls for storytelling that centers around the crashing lows of the song that they’ve brought to the table.

Their debut album was released in the Summer of last year, and there’s no question that this band has nowhere to go but up. The songwriting on that record is incredible, each song is blistering and unforgiving in its own right, and it’s only a matter of time before the world starts to pay them the attention they deserve.

Today, I’m excited to bring y’all the music video for a song called “Steadfast.” The track is a sprawling five-minute look at the dissolution of a relationship, with lyrics like “We sit at separate ends of this dim lit hallway/Only separated by these paper thin walls/And though we might as well be miles apart in different times/Drawn together by these grim circumstances” really driving that point home. The video cuts back and forth between a passionate performance of the track and a couple that is clearly at the tail end of their relationship.

When asked about the track, vocalist Joey Lancaster said: “Steadfast was the second song we ever wrote together as a band and has been a staple in our setlist. We’re still very proud of the song. Lyrically, it was written from a darker perspective of confusion and hard times that exemplify situations where you’re unsure of whether or not you’re perceiving a reality of a failing relationship, or making it all up in your head due to a troubled past/upbringing that cemented trust issues.

“Steadfast” comes from Belle Noire’s debut album, What It Means To Be, which is out now. Grab your copy of the record here, and catch the music video above.