Yumi Zouma‘s album Willowbank was released at the beginning of the month, and we love it as much now as we did then. The New Zealand group gave us a steady stream of videos beforehand, and they’re not stopping now. They’ve shared a new video for the album’s very first single “December,” and they’re ready to show you why they love where they’re from.

The band are clearly incredibly proud of their New Zealand origins, and the video showcases everything they love. Lead singer Christie Simpson gets in a hike, traveling through a variety of locations that are near and dear to the band’s hearts. These locations range from local businesses to parks and museums all the way to the band’s childhood homes. It’s an incredibly personal video, and you’ll feel like you know Yumi Zouma more after watching it.

You can watch the video for “December” up above. Willowbank is out right now on Cascine.