Y’all remember The Cab, right? That band was responsible for an infectious brand of boy-band melodies and a knack for writing huge pop-rock anthems. Inner turmoil eventually led to the demise of that band and, until recently, nobody has scratched that itch quite the same way since then. Raising Cadence is here to put the pop back into pop-rock; allowing the smoothest of voices to glide with ease in these soaring pockets of melody to create a sound that is truly remarkable.

The band will release a brand new EP called Take Me Higher on October 27th, and to be frank, it sounds a hell of a lot like Fueled By Ramen in 2009.

The title track kicks the record off with bongo drums and island vibes. The feel of the track practically begs for mimosas and warm sand. Mere seconds later, we’re greeted by lofty vocals that will guide you through the rest of the record with ease. Vocalist Miguel Larsen has the kind of undeniable voice that makes pop music feel like a permanent Summer; warm and full of the carefree energy the world is constantly looking for. He finds melody effortlessly and knows how to make each and every song feel more bombastic than the next.

Hook after hook will make your first listen through Take Me Higher feel more memorable than most, and I can guarantee you’ll walk around singing and dancing to this record for weeks after the fact.

When asked about the record, Miguel Larsen says: “We cannot be more excited to share with you our newest EP, ‘Take Me Higher’. Three years in the making since we first started as a band, we feel this truly defines who we are as a band and as musicians as well. Thank you to Substream Magazine for the feature and we hope you enjoy this early release of ‘Take Me Higher.’

You can stream Take Me Higher in full below.

Take Me Higher is out 10/27. Pre-order the record here.