Heavy Hearts is comprised of a handful of Canada’s best rock and roll explorers. They’ve poured over every facet of the genre in search of inspiration; plunging through the depth of late 90’s era post-hardcore and into the hook-laden heights of mid-aughts era emo and pop rock and have settled into a vein of their own. It’s stylistically similar to bands like Balance & Composure and Safe To Say in the way that it effortlessly bounces between genres. One minute we can be in the throws of some of the incredible emo-tinged pop rock and the next is some throat shattering and cathartic post-hardcore.

This can be seen throughout the whole of their new EP, On A Chain, which is due to be released on October 27th on New Damage Records. The record feels very much like a reflection of the bands years of exploration and study, and it pays off in a big way. Album opener “No Heaven” is full of heavy-handed hooks and hard-hitting musicality that carries through into “Macrame” in a way that is immediately memorable. The experience is very peaks and valleys, exploring both the highs and lows of the emotional weight of the human experience in a way that feels almost too tangible.

When asked to talk about On A Chain, Heavy Hearts member Justin Glatt said: “On a Chain is a collection of some of our favourite songs we’ve ever written. We really pushed ourselves to try new things writing these songs and I think the contrast between this EP and “Bliss” shows how we’ve grown as songwriters.”

You can stream the EP in full below.

On A Chain is out October 27th on New Damage Records. Pre-order your copy of the record here.