Today, rising pop artist Brooke Alexx has unveiled her self-directed music video for her recently released single, “Hot Like You.”

The video finds Alexx transforming from an office chic to Hollywood glam, with the swipe of some lip gloss, a show-stopping red dress, and her favorite pair of shoes from Pashion Footwear.

The music video represents when I was working a day job and pursing music at nights and on weekends. I felt like a double agent,” Alexx says on the new video.

To bring her vision for the music video to life, Alexx teamed up with the aforementioned shoe company Pashion Footwear. The brand makes the world’s first fully convertible and customizable heels (a.k.a. shoes that can turn from heels to flats, as well as be endlessly customized with interchangeable Heel Kits + accessories).

Watch the music video for “Hot Like You” below.

Originally written by Alexx about her own sisters, who she considers to be gorgeous and “hot,” “Hot Like You” also carries a deeper meaning rooted in female-empowerment. The term “hot” can be replaced with any flattering trait typically used to describe another person – sweet, kind, smart, funny, etc. Alexx finds herself surrounded by amazing women and “Hot Like You” is her ode to them.

Celebrated by her growing worldwide audience for her candid, catchy songwriting, Alexx was recently awarded a first-place prize in American Songwriter’s Song Contest for her viral pop hit “All My Exes’ Moms.” The clever earworm has organically garnered over 25 million total streams since it was released in 2022. With “Hot Like You,” she reveals a new page from her journal.