Having existed since 2012 and an LP almost every year, it’s impossible to argue that LKFFCT (pronounced Lake Effect) is one the most prolific bands to come from the newfound holy-ground of Montclair, New Jersey. Each and every year, they somehow manage to be leaps and bounds above their previous work, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. The band is gearing up to release an impressive new album called Dawn Chorus on October 6th through the always impressive Sniffling Indie Kids. Today, we’re sharing an incredible new song called “Ayy Lmao” with y’all!

“Ayy Lmao” sees LKFFCT at their absolute best. The track is beautiful and breezy, taking influence from the worlds indie rock of the early 2000’s and 70’s soft rock alike. The song is so bouncy and so catchy that you’ll walk around with the melody alone stuck in your head for days after hitting play. There’s a playfulness that comes from the song title that is also present in the negativity of the verses throwing us into such a positive and affirming chorus of “Disregard/the false start/all you want’s not all you are/its true/you’ll see/differently/all you want’s not what you need.

When asked about “Ayy Lmao,” vocalist Max Rauch said “‘Ayy Lmao’ was arranged in very collaborative way. Once this song was written it felt as if the album had a definitive identity. The song title was cute little a joke at first but it stuck. The lyrics are about not allowing your past failures to discourage the continued pursuit of your dreams.

You can listen to “Ayy Lmao” below.

LKFFCT will release Dawn Chorus on October 6th via Sniffling Indie Kids. Pre-order your copy of the record here.