Over the summer we’ve fallen in love with all of the releases from Yumi Zouma‘s upcoming album Willowbank to the point where the album is one of our most anticipated of the fall. Their fourth release, “Half Hour,” doesn’t change that trend. To make it even better this new song also comes with a music video.

On the most somber, reflective track from the album so far, Yumi Zouma are thinking about a relationship for the long haul. They’re not talking about just a few years, either. The chorus begins with “I think I’ll need you when I die,” if that gives you an idea of the timeframe. The music video is suitably simple, with each of the band members either singing into the camera or staring introspectively into the distance against a blank background.

We’re now less than a month away from the October 6 release of Willowbank. We’ll have more coverage of the album as it gets closer, so stay tuned.