The search for a soulmate is one as old as time itself. We are all wild animals in our own way, searching for a connection with another animal that gives meaning and importance to our all too brief time on this spinning rock called Earth. For some, this journey to companionship is simple, but for most it’s an undertaking more challenging than any other pursuit they could attempt. So why do we do it? Why put ourselves through the ringer in hopes of finding something most never achieve? The answer is simple: It’s worth it.

Mainland is a band that has been building buzz on the alternative underground for a minute now, but if I had to guess they probably won’t be unknown to the masses for very long. “I Found God,” the group’s latest single, sounds like Imagine Dragons by way of X Ambassadors. It’s a gargantuan pop song, building from the near-ballad like softness to arena ready rock powerhouse and back again over the course of just over four minutes. In that time the group not only depicts the life-changing effects of unbridled passion on the human spirit, but also the loneliness that can follow such flames being put out.

The video for “I Found God” which premiered on Friday morning, brings to life the search for a partner in a very grounded, yet undeniably creative way. We see several couples, all of whom are actually together in real life, frantically searching quiet suburban streets for their other half. Their reunions are beautiful moments of love captured wonderfully by SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT production. You can view the video above.

It seems safe to assume “I Found God” will eventually appear on Mainland’s debut album, but at this time no such release has been revealed. Follow Substream on Twitter for updates.