Summer 2017 in music will be remembered as the return of Kesha, as it rightfully should. She’s already moved us to tears with “Praying” and given her battle cry with “Woman,” both of which are among the best songs of the summer. You can add another track to that list, as Kesha today shared a new song called “Learn To Let Go.”

As one might glean from the name of the song, Kesha sings of taking the tough experiences from your past and learning to move on from them. It’s a powerful message wrapped up in a joyous and upbeat track.

The video features home video footage from Kesha’s youth as she revisits some of those memories and places in the present. The video has a warm, inviting color palette, and its amazing to see how happy and content Kesha looks throughout the video.

The singer also published an essay on HuffPost about the track in which she reveals she wrote the song with her mother and was inspired by one of her close friends. On the subject of that friend, Kesha said “I know some of the hard times she has been through, and I was inspired by how she didn’t let any of the darkness from her past creep into her life. Her beautiful spirit inspired me to consider how, even though we all go through tough things in our lives, we all have the ability to make the decision to just let it go and move forward.”

All of the tracks released so far are from Kesha’s upcoming album Rainbow, which will be out on August 11.