Over five years and three studio albums, Angel Olsen has released a ton of great music. Her September 2016 release My Woman was fantastic. Like every artist, not everything she writes makes it onto the finished product of an album. That doesn’t mean we’ll never get to hear it, though. This morning, Olsen announced Phases, a collection of rarities and B-sides that will be released later this year. She also released two new tracks from the collection.

First, the details about the collection. Phases will be released on November 10 through Jagjaguwar. It consists of 12 tracks, many of which are completely brand new to our ears. The album will be available digitally, on CD, or on vinyl, with pre-orders currently ongoing.

Two tracks were shared as part of the announcement. “Fly On Your Wall” was originally included in the Our First 100 Days project from the beginning of the year. It’s a deliberate, stirring protest song, with each strum of the guitar coming with force that matches Olsen’s lyrics.

“Special” is a song recorded during the process of creating My Woman, and it lives up to its name. The track is a seven and a half minute long journey, with a multi-minute long guitar breakdown that will bring tears to your eyes its so good.

You can listen to both tracks from Angel Olsen below. We’ve also included the full tracklist.

Phases Tracklist
1. Fly On Your Wall
2. Special
3. Only You
4. All Right Now
5. Sans
6. Sweet Dreams
7. California
8. Tougher Than the Rest
9. For You
10. How Many Dreams
11. May as Well
12. Endless Road