Hailing from Madrid, Spain, The Kiss That Took A Trip—the brainchild of solo artist M. D. Trello—released a brand new, 14-track album this summer. Titled Punk Cathedral, the effort provides a 75-minute journey through several musical terrains. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would call much on this album “punk,” but you can sense the influence.

For the most part, the album is moody and moving; it can be dreary in a hypnotizing sort of way that sucks you in and suspends you in its lush foundations. Along the way, though, you’ll experience many ideas, like the almost bright indie vibes of “Crapola” and the industrial electronic peculiarities of “Love + algebra.” There’s a lot to absorb but it’s worth the investment if you have the time to sink into something new.

You can listen through the whole of Punk Cathedral below and purchase the album through Bandcamp for whatever price you’d like, even if that means free. Enjoy!