Jacqui L gets eerie and ambient on ‘PLANET PARALLEL 5’

Sydney, Australia’s Jacqui L, the alien scorpion transplant from PP5 is here with some new sounds and we’re hypnotized by the theatrical, progressive rock and ambient tones drenched in drama.

With a Tim Burton-esque aesthetic Jacqui L’s eerie sounds are no surprise, but it’s the amount of impressive melody, intricately arranged instrumentation, and thought-out songwriting that will really hook you in. Jacqui L’s often mesmerizing vocals will keep you coming back as well. PLANET PARALLEL 5 is an experience to say the least, so clear your schedule and prepare for a memorable 45-minute journey.

You can stream the entirety of PLANET PARALLEL 5 below via Bandcamp (where it’s also available for purchase), and view a few of Jacqui L’s visual accompaniments as well. Let us know what you think.