Awhile back we shared “Heaven I Know” from Australian singer Sophie Payten, better known as Gordi. The vocoder-aided track caught our ears, and we were eager to see what else she could do. Today, she released the second song and video from her upcoming debut, and it’s clear she’s no one-trick artist.

Where “Heaven I Know” was slow, echoing, and enveloping, “On My Side” is an upbeat track with an almost folk feel to it, and an acoustic guitar and percussion creating the bulk of the song. The lyrics find Gordi coming to terms with the desire to be close to the subject of the song, even if she’s not good at expressing that fact to them.

The video finds her wandering through multiple locations, including a desert, a pool of water, and rockier expanses as she discovers said subject of the song.

In a statement, Gordi explained:

“I wrote ‘On My Side’ about being incapable of telling someone that I needed them, ‘sending my words silently’ through lyrics instead. I wanted the video to represent not only the message of this song, but the album in its entirety. This idea of guiding someone through your ‘reservoir’ – your inner most place. I don’t think you can tell someone how to get there, you have to take them to that place yourself.”

Gordi’s debut album Reservoir is out on August 25 through Jagjaguwar.