San Francisco singer-songwriter Shawna Virago released a sleeper folk-punk/Americana hit earlier this year through Tranimal Records and now’s your chance to get into it if you’re one of those who have been missing out.

Heaven Sent Delinquent finds the Transgender trailblazer kicking ass yet again in the name of equality and survival in a fickle, dangerous, and unfortunately ofttimes hateful world. A mostly acoustic affair, Virago’s newest is oozing with rock ‘n’ roll and punk attitude through honest lyricism and observations that give the listener a view of her world. Offering some insight to what the album’s all about, Virago has said, “These are the stories of my generation – a generation of transgender people who came out long before the internet, before transgender celebrities and reality TV stars, before anybody gave a shit about us.”

Kick back and soak in the entirety of Heaven Sent Delinquent below:

Heaven Sent Delinquent is available now through Virago’s website.